DiversityShop Associate Program Diversity World has developed a program that allows Associate organizations/businesses to refer customers to our store, via links from their websites/emails, in return for commissions on actual purchases that result.
Our online store, DiversityShop, includes books and videos relating to employment and training, disability and employment and diversity.

When you join our Associate Program (free) you will be given a unique URL (Web address) that will link to our store. You then place that URL on your website and/or emails. When any customer connects to our site through that URL and makes a purchase, you will be credited for the sale and will earn a commission.

If you your company/organization is interested in becoming a
DiversityShop Associate, please complete our online
Registration Form

Who can become an Associate?

How much of a commission will I earn?

Associate Tracking
How are my sales referrals tracked?

Eligible Transaction Period
For how long do I get commissions for purchases made by my Referred Customers?

Credits for all Purchases
Will I get commissions on every product that my Referred Customers purchase?

Reports and Payment
How will I know if purchases are being made (that I will be credited for)? When will I get paid?

Completed Transactions
What if a Referred Customer makes a purchase but defaults on their payment?

Email Marketing
Can I use email to link to DiversityShop?

Can I use a graphic (picture) link to DiversityShop?

Personal Purchases
Can I use my own link to make purchases and still be credited for commission on the sale?

Legal Considerations
How binding is the Associate agreement on both parties?

What is meant by "Associates", "Referred Customers", "Completed Transactions", "Eligible Transaction Period", etc.?

Comparison to
How does DiversityShop's Associate program measure up against

Products we Don't Carry
Do you know of a product we should add to our store?

Canadian Associates
Can DiversityShop be used by Canadian customers?

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Associates are typically organizations or individuals who have websites or email distribution lists that will enable them to effectively attract customers to DiversityShop. In this context, considerations will include the relevance of the Associate's mission/focus to our products, the nature and size of their Membership base, web traffic, and/or email distribution list.

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DiversityShop Associates will be paid a flat commission of 7% on all purchases (based on product price only - excluding taxes, shipping/handling, etc.) made by their Referred Customers. Diversity World reserves the right to change, increase or decrease this commission from time-to-time. Associates will be receive appropriate notice of such changes and will be able to reassess their participation in the program.

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Each Diversity World Associate will be issued a unique URL that will be used to direct customers to our site. It is through this URL that sales from that Associate will be tracked and accounted for. This URL will link customers to one page on our site – typically to the page:  

Note: Associates can choose only one page to link to – a specific product, a category such as “Disability Resources” or the main storefront.

On their websites and/or in emails, Associates can display this URL fully, imbed it in lines of text such as “go to DiversityShop” or they can use graphics such as the Diversity World logo or a graphic of a specific product in which to imbed the link.

When someone follows that link to arrive at our store, purchases made by that Referred Customer will be credited to the referring Associate.

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Diversity World Associates will be credited with all purchases made by a customer within 60 days from the time they follow the link to our site. (i.e. If a customer follows a link from your Website to our store and makes no purchases; but returns 14 days later and completes a purchase, you will be credited for such sales – up to 60 days after the  time that the customer first visited our store.

After 60 days, any sales made to that customer will not be credited to the Associate – unless that customer once again arrives at our store through the Associate’s link – in which case, the Associate will be credited for any sales made to that customer within the new 60 day period.

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DiversityShop Associates will be credited for all purchases, any products, made by Referred Customers within the 60-day Eligible Transaction Period.

An Associate may chose to highlight only specific products in their links to our store; but they will be credited for purchases of any other products made by the Referred Customer. For Example: A particular Associate may only choose to feature the book The Wholehearted Journey on their website – possibly with a write-up and a picture – linking to the page in our store that features that book. If a Referred Customer follows that link but also purchases any other products in our store, the Associate will be credited for any and all purchases made by that customer within the Eligible Transaction Period.

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Each time a sale is made to a Referred Customer, the DiversityShop Associate will receive an email detailing the transaction. Sample:

Subject: Associate order from
The store has just received an order.
Order Number: 1840                 Date: Thu May 15 21:46:31 2003
Shopper Name: Rob McInnes     Email:
Product Total: 10.00                 SubTotal: 10.00

On a quarterly basis (January - March, April – June, July - September, October – December), Diversity World will calculate all the sales made from the Associate’s Referred Customers and issue a statement and check for their earned commission.

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Commissions will only be paid for fully completed sales transactions. Associates may receive notification of a sale that later proves to have been defaulted on through non-payment or returned merchandise. In these instances, the Associate will either not be credited for the sale or, if previously credited, will be debited for the sales credit.

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You can use your Associate URL in emails as well as on your website. This is particularly useful to organizations that have regular email newsletters to their Members. In fact, organizations with large email distribution might elect to join the Associate program for a one-time only email campaign.

As an Associate, you may choose to link to DiversityShop by simply using your unique Associate URL, or you may choose to imbed your URL in a graphic.

Depending on your needs, you may want to use images of specific products in our store. In this case, your webmaster can just copy those images and paste them into your website.

As another alternative, you may wish to use one or more of the following graphics...

For Associates that are primarily focused on Disability issues...

Diversity World: Link to Disability and Employment Resources

Diversity World: Link to Employment and Training Resources

For Associates that are primarily involved in the Employment and Training field.

For Associates that are primarily involved in the Career Development field.

Diversity World: Link to Career Development Resources

Diversity World: Link to Denise Bissonnette's Books and Videos

For Associates that are particularly interested in linking to Denise Bissonnette's products.

For Associates that are particularly interested in the area of Workforce Development.

Diversity World: Link to Workforce Development Resources

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This is an added benefit to DiversityShop Associates. You will be eligible for discounts simply by connecting to our store through your own link.

Caution: Associates suspected of using their Associate status solely for the purpose of personal purchases will be suspended from the program. Evidence of this will include lack of evidence of promotional links on the Associate website and or electronic newsletters.

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The term of Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Associate application and will end when terminated by either party. Either you or we may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination.

You and we are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties.
We make no representation that the operation of our site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

Our aggregate liability arising with respect to this Agreement and the Program will not exceed the total referral fees paid or payable to you under this Agreement.

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Associates” – Organizations or companies that are approved to participate in Diversity World’s Associate Program.

Referred Customer” – An individual who arrives at Diversity World’s store by having followed links on an Associate’s Website or Email.

Completed Transactions” – Sales transactions that are satisfactorily concluded without default of payment or return of products.

Eligible Transaction Period” – The length of time from the first visit of a Referred Customer, during which the referring Associate will be eligible for commissions on purchases.

"URL" A web address (i.e.

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COMPARISON TO AMAZON.COM has a well-known and highly successful associate program. While their program works well for the general consumer market, we think we have developed an associate program that has a financial and content advantage for organizations in our target community of interest. (Many of our products are not available on

We also believe that, financially, our program is more beneficial to our Associates. For your consideration, here is a comparison of basic features:

Program Features
Eligible Transaction Period
60 Days
24 Hours
Use your link to purchase items for your own use at discount
15% only for special price items that are directly linked by the Associate and purchased by the customer from that first Amazon page opened. All other purchases 2.5 – 5%. On their “Tiered” structure, a maximum 8% commission is reached only at 175,000 units sold/quarter.
(See for complete details.)

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Is there a product that we don't carry; but your Members or Network would likely want to purchase? As long as it is within the scope of Diversity World's focus, and it is one we can stand behind (good content and good value), we will try to add to our inventory. Please contact us if you have any ideas.

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About 30% of our sales are to Canadian customers. The only thing to be considered is that all of our prices are in $US. (We try to make that fact obvious in our store.) Credit card charges are converted to Canadian dollar amounts according to the most current exchange rate. Purchase orders are calculated on an exchange rate that is determined periodically (semi-annual). Complete information for Canadian Customers is on our site. We carry a supply of products in Winnipeg and fill orders from there.

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