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Using the Store

When you click on "enter store" you will find headings for several "categories" or departments. We have tried to arrange products into these categories to help you locate them more easily. Pick a category that interests you and click on it!

All products are listed with basic information only. For a more detailed description of each, click on its underlined title or the accompanying picture of the product.

Any time that you want to purchase a product, click on the "Add to Cart" button below it. (Similarly, any time you want to see what is in your cart, click on the "View Cart" button.) You can freely add and delete products from your Cart until you are ready to finalize your order.

When you are ready to place your order, make sure you have selected your payment method and indicated if there is a separate shipping address. Then, click "Checkout". (Note: This still doesn't commit you to the purchase.)

When you reach this screen, all of the information you submit is safely encrypted for secure processing. Enter all the information requested. When you click "Submit this Order", your order is placed with us!

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Shipping & Delivery
In the US, we typically use UPS to ship our orders. We use similar shipping methods in Canada. Normally, orders are delivered within 5 - 10 working days from  the day the order is placed. Shipping charges are calculated on a "base" charge - plus additional per item charges - based on the particular item/product. To determine shipping charges for an order, simply add items to your your online cart (by clicking "Add To Cart" below the items you want). You will be shown the total cost of the items and the applicable shipping/handling fees.

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Product Previews
Sorry, we do not offer preview copies of our products. We do, however, accept returns of products (within 30 days of order and in suitable condition for resale). If you aren't sure whether or not an item will meet your needs you can purchase it, check it out, and (if necessary) return it for a full refund of the purchase price (refund doesn't include shipping charges).

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We do accept returns of products (within 30 days of order and in suitable condition for resale). Refunds will be made at the purchase price only (doesn't include shipping charges).

In the US, please return items to:
     Diversity World
     Attn: INVENTORY
     849 Almar Ave., Suite C-206
     Santa Cruz, CA 95060

In Canada, please return items to:
     Diversity World
     Attn: INVENTORY
     35 Queens Park Crescent
     Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 1J2 Canada

Canadian Flag Canadian Customers
Note: All our prices are expressed in $US.

There aren't any! We have a location in Winnipeg and all Canadian orders are shipped from there.

We typically ship our Canadian orders once a week. This might delay your shipment slightly, but you can usually expect to receive your order within two weeks.

Essentially follow the same process outlined in "How To Pay By Purchase Order"  At the bottom of the Order Form you will be asked to calculate your order amount in Canadian Funds. 

Follow the process outlined above in "How to Pay by Credit Card". Your credit card will convert the $US amount to the precise Canadian currency equivalent at the time of the transaction.

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Outside The Continental USA and Canada
We are happy to fill for customers from outside of the continental USA and Canada, however:

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How to pay by Credit Card
We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express payments. (Concerns about online shopping? We offer a safe shopping environment - go to the Our Commitment section.)

When you have added products to your Cart and are ready to make your purchase, from the "Select Payment Type" menu, simply select "Visa", "MasterCard" or "American Express".  Then click the "Checkout" button.

An Order Form will appear. Complete the information requested. When you are ready to finalize your order, click "Submit This Order" and your order will be sent to us.

A Receipt will show up on your screen (which you can print). We will fill your order ASAP!! 

Should it be necessary to refund all or part of your payment, we will refund your credit card directly.

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Using PayPal to make payment
Simply add items to your cart and select PayPal as your method of payment when you check out. (You must be registered with PayPal to use this option.)

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How to pay by Purchase Order

Note: Purchase orders can only be placed by Organizations/Companies (not individuals) and only for total amounts in excess of $150.

When you have added products to your Cart and are ready to make your purchase, simply select "Purchase Order" from the "Select Payment Type" menu. Then click the "Checkout" button.

An Order Form will appear. Complete the information requested. (Note: Purchase Order # is required.) When you are ready to finalize your order, click "Submit This Order" and your order will be sent to us.

A Receipt will show up on your screen (which you can print). We will fill your order ASAP and send you an Invoice for the products ordered. 

Checks are payable to "Diversity World".
US Customers: Mail payment to: Diversity World, 849 Almar Ave. Suite C-206, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Canadian Customers: Mail payment to: Diversity World, 35 Queens Park Cres., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 1J2

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Our Commitment
Since you arrived here, you are probably interested in the security associated with leaving your credit card information here in payment for our products. That is a valid concern, and an issue that Diversity World has taken very seriously. We value our reputation, and our customers. We would not do anything to endanger our customers' credit card numbers/information, and in fact, have done all we can to ensure their safety.

After you click on "Check Out" in your Shopping Cart, you will transfer to a secure page for entering your credit card information. You will notice the web address (URL) will change from "http" to "https" - indicating a secure page where your information will be encrypted for safety. You will also see the symbol of a small lock appear on your browser:

Thanks for shopping securely with us!
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We use one of the finest internet shopping cart software packages available today - ShopSite, developed by Open Market. While it is certainly not the cheapest alternative, we believe it is one of the safest in regards to keeping credit card numbers safe. Open Market has been in the eCommerce business for many years now, and has done an outstanding job in the crafting of ShopSite. Our ShopSite storefront is hosted on a top-of-the-line, high speed, secure web server.

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PayFlow Pro
All of our online credit transactions are processed through PayFlow Pro. PayFlow Pro is a market-leading payment gateway. All transactions are encrypted with leading-edge technology, for a safe, secure and private payment process. In PayFlow Pro-based transactions, all financial information transmitted over the Internet is encrypted and digitally signed. All payment operations are handled within 24 x 7 high-security payment gateway servers - located in VeriSign's state-of-the-art Internet data center. The data centers are enhanced by physical and electronic security precautions such as redundant backup power supplies; seismic, water and fire monitoring,
24 x 7 support personnel, and security guards and monitoring cameras.

When you click "Checkout" and you go to the "Your DiversityShop Order" page, your browser goes into 'secure mode' and you will notice an indication on your screen - a key or padlock symbol. When your browser goes into 'secure mode', it is using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and all information you enter is encrypted within your computer before it is sent over the internet. (If you don't see the padlock icon, you can also check the web address or URL of the page. Secure pages begin with "https://..."

When you finally click "Submit This Order" your order is sent to our servers. When our web server receives it, it is decrypted and acted upon. Your credit card information is never sent within an email - that would put it at risk. After you place your order, we connect to the same web server, also using SSL for encryption, and download your order. Your credit card information never travels on the internet again, and is routed through normal merchant payment clearing channels.

We hope this alleviates any concern you may have about placing an online order here. But, if for any reason you're still not comfortable with it, please call us at 1-204-487-0307 to place your order over the telephone. Or you can e-mail your order and phone in your credit card number. (Remember: NEVER email your credit card number since this is not encrypted.)

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Want Your Product in our Store?
Do you have, or know of, a high quality product that is related to Workforce Diversity? Would you like to have it added to our store? We want to carry only the best products available! Please contact us by email!

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(All prices are in US dollars - Canadian Customers please see here.)
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